Saturday, March 06, 2004

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More on the Chilandar (Хиландар) monastery fire
And a way to help the poor Serbian monks rebuild. No matter one's differences with Mt Athos, this sounds like a worthy cause:

Anyone who wants to make a contribution through FoMA can send a check made out to the Friends of Mount Athos to the following address, and we will forward these donations in the name of FoMA to the appropriate agency ... Please indicate whether you wish your donation to be anonymous or not. The Address: The Friends of Mount Athos c/o Robert W. Allison, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, 73/75 Campus Ave., Bates College, Lewiston, ME 04240, USA

By the way, though culturally the monastery is Serbian, and so if there is a Serbian recension of the Byzantine Rite that's what they use, technically it isn't part of the Church of Serbia (Patriarch Paul III) but rather, logically, geographically and canonically, is under the patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew - one of the corners of modern Greece that still is.

Photos (more)

And finally, the Serbian in the first linked page is a fun and challenging read if you know Russian.

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