Thursday, March 18, 2004

LRC pick
Don’t enlist in the culture war
by Charley Reese
There is such a thing as objective truth, not just personal opinion, so this has its limits - abortion for example - but Mr Reese makes some good points.

When the Founding Fathers wisely chose to keep state and church separate, they did not intend to encourage atheism. On the other hand, they did intend to keep religious people from imposing their individual religious beliefs on other people via legislation.

In our free country, despite the obvious depravity of some people, there is nothing to keep a religious person from following his or her faith to the letter, regardless of how others choose to behave.

When politicians rant about matters of personal morality, they are just trying to distract your attention from their own failure to solve the quite secular problems that they themselves have created.

Don't let them get away with it. The politicians can't make you a saint, but they can destroy your material well-being.

In other words, Mr Bush's handlers' attempted scapegoating of homosexuals - 'Hey, look, a distraction!' - won't get a vote from me.

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