Tuesday, March 16, 2004

LRC pick
Yes, more on that movie.

First, an anonymous submitter sent me this:

Ayn Randians vs. The Passion

Anonymous comment: IMHO, Gibson's basically fine film has no shortage of theological (a certain latent Jansenism -- maybe even outright Manicheanism) and cinematic idiosyncrasies -- if not outright inadaquacies. BUT... the problem here is that this objectivist scholar doesn't really object to any of that -- just the moral demands of Christ Himself.

And on LRC today there's this:

A note on these Randians from LRC’s Steven Greenhut
Back to that Dark Ages passage. I dunno, but you probably need to deal with an obvious substantive point: As people become more apt to view Christ in your way, and to live without restraints, this world becomes a scarier place, more like the Dark Ages than the Enlightenment. Are you sure a lack of self-esteem is really the world’s biggest problem? Food for thought, that’s all.

Yes, a punto. This is not a left-libertarian blog!

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