Monday, March 22, 2004

Modernity is self-defeating
The lesson of Vet Stadium
Like the Prince of Wales, I hope ugly modern architecture goes the way of Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, which like the high-rise welfare slums* was supposed to be the wave of the future and like them has been demolished — in the case of the big concrete arena after only about 30 years of use. (It and the recent liturgical and theological experiments amongs RCs and Anglicans were about the same age, which was fitting. May they all come to the same end — boom, crash, GONE!) In Philadelphia an historic stadium was torn down back then and replaced with the Vet, and not long after it seemed nobody liked it — it was cold, sterile and players got hurt a lot on the artificial grass.

I set foot in it exactly twice, once to make my only Beatle sighting (Sir Paul McCartney in 1990).

Now it's rubble, being replaced by something smaller and I think cool po-mo if I'm using that correctly. Retro (example: Camden Yards in Baltimore) is also big with ballparks now - the last laugh is on the moderns.

*Sometime acquaintance, writer and publisher E. Michael Jones, debunker of the Medjugorje hoax, likes to make the same parallel when talking about the spectacular failure of 'the projects'.

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