Monday, March 15, 2004

OK, another quotation about The Passion
It is my sincere — and possibly utopian — hope that in due time, when our crazed "culture war" hysteria finally dies out, we will all someday be able to sit down and discuss The Passion of the Christ for what it really is. The film is a brutal, blood-soaked plea for compassion and understanding in the face of monstrosity. There is a purity — an openhearted zeal — to the picture that is forthright and breathtaking.

And it is, first and foremost, exemplary filmmaking.

- Sean Burns

Wow - liberality from a liberal and a believable reaction to the film from the POV of an open-minded nonbeliever.

Yesterday for the Third Sunday of Great Lent the Byzantine Rite remembered that 'brutal, blood-soaked plea' that was part of God's redeeming Sacrifice - Кресту твоему покланяемся, Владыко, и святое воскресенiе твое славимъ; 'We bow to Thy cross, O Lord, and we glorify Thy holy resurrection'.

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