Saturday, March 06, 2004

Pop-culture watch
Reason to hate ‘Friends’
I admit I watch it - often it's cute, stylish and according to my tastes far preferable to the insanely popular, vicious, very secular-Jewish humour of 'Seinfeld'.

That said, I can detect the poison in this confection:

JOEY: Man. Can you believe he's only had sex with one woman?

CHANDLER: I think it's great. Y'know, it's sweet, it's romantic...

JOEY: Really?

CHANDLER: No, you kidding? The guy's a freak.

That's right, hipster wannabes for the past 10 years this programme has been on - romance and sex as God intended are for freaks. (And broken hearts, divorce, VD and AIDS are cool?)

This hasn't even got the irony and camp/OTT-ness that make 'Will & Grace' funny.

Fie on David Crane.

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