Monday, March 15, 2004

Pseudo-St Patrick’s Day
One of my least favourite holidays and not because part of my family were English overlords in Ireland in the 1600s. I wrote a lot about this holiday last year - you can peruse the archives yourself or Google to find the entries. As the crowds in green T-shirts, plastic bowlers and pseudo-Mardi Gras beads (hey, why not degrade two Catholic holidays at once?) blocked traffic in the city centre this weekend, I thought of a fact told me by a friend recently. He claims that at one point in Irish history the overlords paid workers with liquor, causing alcoholism and keeping them oppressed. So if that's true the stereotype of the Irish being drunks was the overlords' creation, and as for those Irish-Americans and would-be Irish-Americans jamming the bars these past two days, historically the joke's on them.

Meanwhile in Ireland the real St Patrick will be remembered fittingly the day after tomorrow.

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