Saturday, March 20, 2004

Today’s march
On a scale of one to 10

Attendance: 10 (filled the street for nearly a city block)
Weather: 9 (a beautiful, sunny, slightly crisp first day of spring)
Quality of speakers: 7 (including a Palestinian, an Iraq War veteran and a Catholic Worker member)
Palestinian presence: 6
Old granola: 7
Cute girls: 5
Commie front groups: 3 (quite visible but they didn't take over, thank God - the Wobblies were there too)
Mumia annoyance/tune-out factor: 1 (they were blessedly silent, sticking to handing out flysheets)*
Gay annoyance/tune-out factor: .5 (two of those silly rainbow flags - so how again does your telling complete strangers how you like to reach orgasm help stop the war in Iraq and help the Palestinian people?)
Pro-murder annoyance/tune-out factor: .25 (some dodgy literature for sale and those bizarre crossed-out coat-hanger buttons - what are they, Joan Crawford 'Mommie Dearest' fans? As if what they want is somehow less cruel than what they're alluding to.)

I saw exactly two church groups, one RC from a nearby slum and one United Methodist, and the rector of what used to be an Anglo-Catholic church - the second time I've seen him at one of these.

Best displays: the young Palestinian women flying the red, white, green and black and wearing the black-and-white hijab, and the little bulldozer (like the one that ran down Rachel Corrie) with chilling anti-Palestinian quotations from Americans and Israelis on it.

*Reason to boycott Ben & Jerry's: an acquaintance told me recently they give money to the ridiculous 'Free Mumia' cause.