Thursday, April 29, 2004

Charming vagante site in Russia
Sometime friend (I was at his wedding) and proud Ruthenian Catholic Daniel Barton posted this on CIN East recently. They're not really Orthodox nor are they under the Pope but for whatever problems they have the hearts of these Soviet-bred Russians seem to be in the right place. But, of course, if it's not properly grounded in the church, under a lawful bishop (says the ecclesiology of the Catholic faith East and West), this piety runs the risk of going off the rails into sectarian 'enthusiasm' in the Ronald Knox sense, which the Russians call прелесть.

In my car I carry a very Italianate-looking copy of the icon on these men's English page of Our Lady, Quick to Hear (Скоропослушница), given to me by a lovely girl from Bulgaria a couple of years ago.

The content of their English and Russian pages is completely different - the Russian one heavily quotes the Russian Orthodox saint St John of Kronstadt.

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