Sunday, April 25, 2004

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin
Russian nuns face eviction from their convent for leaving church
While their history is heroic objectively I haven't that much sympathy for these ladies now - I don't know if it's the nuns or the writer who are taking the very Protestant and secular tack of claiming a right to the convent against their bishop but surely a 92-year-old mother superior should know better than to disobey apostolic authority over matters not related to the faith.

But to be charitable, they're very old and perhaps really don't understand. They still understandably fear the Communists and perhaps think these are still in charge in Russia. Like the Old Believers centuries ago, they mean well but are wrong.

The mother abbess, who is akin to a mother superior in the Catholic faith

Please, journalists, do your research - western Catholicism has abbesses too!

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