Monday, April 19, 2004

From blog correspondent John Boyden
The religious red herring in the US presidential campaigns
Some well-meaning writers like this one have pointed out Mr Kerry is a quisling RC. So was his idol JFK, only owing to the changing times Mr K can be more openly so. It'll probably work to help elect him - even better than it did for Jack in 1960 - pleasing both the RC vote (historically Democratic anyway) and the historic anti-Catholic majority in America. (Unlike 1960, today both would vote for him to spite the Vatican.) It doesn't matter. I don't like the religion of either candidate - Mr K's sellout or Mr Bush's nutter Protestantism - and certainly am not suggesting Mr K should be canonized one day. Neither party with a chance will do anything substantial about abortion so that stick won't work on me anymore. And fiscally and governmentally Mr B's handlers are a disaster from the POV of real conservatism. In spite of his wacky ideas, if Mr K made noises about stopping the war I'd consider him - do something about the killing one can stop. But he isn't and he voted for the war as a senator.

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