Thursday, April 22, 2004

From blog correspondent John Boyden
Historians, archivists miffed over Bush’s pick to head National Archives
From another article: The Society of American Archivists has expressed concern about Weinstein’s nomination.

“Prior to the announcement, there was no consultation with professional organizations of archivists or historians,” the Chicago association noted in a statement this month. “This is the first time since the National Archives and Records Administration was established as an independent agency that the process of nominating an archivist of the United States has not been open for public discussion and input.”

JB: Bush is doing this ’cause he cares so much about truth.

More on Mr Weinstein
To be fair, Soviet records found after the collapse of the USSR proved Whittaker Chambers and Mr Weinstein right - Alger Hiss was guilty as sin

Bird flu’s huge potential risk
JB: Evreybody's heard ’bout the Bird... or, at least, they're going to.

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