Monday, April 05, 2004

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
How possible NATO expansion into the Ukraine may threaten world peace
The President’s re-election prospects are helped mightily by the candidacy of Ralph Nader and by the virtue of running against a Democrat who is not only a Skull but insists on adopting as his platform all of the incumbent’s policies.... As we wrote back in early February, Kerry’s candidacy was either intended by the oligarchs to replace a high risk group of mentally and morally challenged people with a group who are only morally challenged, or it was meant to make Bush look good. This week it definitely seems as though it is the latter, and if this keeps up, Kerry will lose hands down.


NATO was scheduled to deploy warplanes to the Baltic states last Monday, a move that has both angered and alarmed the Russians (see The Heron’s Latest Catch). In Georgia, America’s new stooge, Mikhail Saakashvili, seems bent on creating a casus belli with Russia as well (see All News is Lies). George Soros was in Ukraine. Wherever that man goes, a “Rose Revolution” follows in his wake. The Ukraine is the gateway to Russia. Pressing already on Russia’s northern and southern flanks, a NATO move into Ukraine is going to significantly alter the strategic balance even further in NATO’s favour, and by doing so significantly reduce the choices left to those Russians who are opposed to NATO expansion. Are these to be only surrender or fight?

The markets have a lot more than non-farm payrolls to be worried about.

Lee Penn: Watch these developments very carefully, recalling that Russia has publicly asserted her rights to make pre-emptive strikes against serious threats to Russian security, recalling that Russia has continued modernizing her nuclear forces since 1991, and recalling that Russia and China have a currently active mutual defense pact.

An actual (or perceived, or alleged) Western threat to Russia could be a short path to nuclear war. [End.]

LRC pick
Against NATO expansion
by US Rep. Ron Paul, MD
The further expansion of NATO is in reality a cover for increased US interventionism in Europe and beyond. It will be a conduit for more unconstitutional US foreign aid and US interference in the internal politics of member nations, especially the new members from the former East.

It will also mean more corporate welfare at home.

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