Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Linguistic boffinry
Got to give Nicholas Stanosheck credit for this one - a feature of a site I've used to check my writing in Russian:

This blog, translated more or less into Russian by machine
The results are fair - not bad for this kind of thing. When I tested it on my 'Page Down' notice I saw that 'Sorry!' came out по-русски as 'Sorrow!' and 'back button' was rendered with 'back' (спина) as in 'my back hurts'. If I had a button there I should see a doctor! Думаю, что "Консервативный блог для мира" правильно/лучше был бы писано так: "Консервативный блог за мира", да? Perhaps the 1-in-1,000th reader who knows Russian will answer that for me.

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