Friday, April 23, 2004

Anonymous submission:

100+ celebrities to march in Sunday pro-murder demonstration (PDF file)
That's right, on a Sunday. It shouldn't be surprising any more, but some talented and/or attractive actors, singers, et al. want you to think that killing babies is glamorous as well as a 'right'. (Mike Stoller, who co-wrote Elvis' hit songs? O tempora.) God-given talent doesn't necessarily give one good judgement on matters outside one's art!

“If the government takes safe, legal, clean abortions away from women—knowing that if a woman needs an abortion, she may have one anyway—then they're encouraging women to kill themselves,” said actor and comedian Whoopi Goldberg. “That's why I'm marching.”

A straw-man. Abortions because of need - to save the woman's life - were rightly legal in the US before Roe. No, by 'need' Ms Goldberg means 'I really "need" to kill this inconvenient baby'.

What's more disturbing as well as ironic is that the United Black Women's Health Imperative have signed onto this outrage. Margaret Sanger, a racist and committed eugenicist, would have laughed her head off. So much for the health of unborn black women. To its credit, my city now has billboards decrying the fact that half its black children are aborted.

Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.

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