Monday, April 12, 2004

From Justin Kissel: got to give him credit!

When did suspects start getting called "actors"? Doesn't it seem weird to be reading your local paper and to see things like "a known actor exited the vehicle"? A known actor? Like Mel Gibson or something?

LOL, brilliant. Yes, don't forget to get his autograph before you cuff him (and in the States read him his Miranda rights)! One of the joys of my job as a newspaper sub-editor is I get to take the piss out of stupid jargon exactly like this, changing it into real English and making sure the jargon never gets printed. I find corporate (yuppie) crap - the kind of language Paul Fussell describes as 'cornball elegant' that many proles and middle-class people mistakenly think is great prose - more offensive than police-blotter stuff like this.

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