Tuesday, April 27, 2004

What I’m watching
The Sixth Sense

Caught it on the box last night - first time I'd seen it since the cinema five years ago. O. M. G. Disturbing. And one of the best films I've seen.

A few thoughts...

Olivia Williams is beautiful - saw her that same year in another favourite, Rushmore (starring Talia Shire's son). Haven't seen her in anything AFAIK since!

Hated him on the TV 15 years ago but Bruce Willis is a fine actor.

Scariest, most disturbing thing in the whole movie: Kyra's entrance - and how she got that way.

(Through Google I learnt today that this actress, Mischa Barton, is now a lovely young woman appearing in an American nighttime soap-opera I've never seen.)

The main premise of the story agrees with Russian Orthodox legend/pious belief (as I learnt from reading a book by this fellow) - allowable doctrinally - about what the souls of the dead do between the time of death and the beginning of the particular judgement: 'hang out' in all the old familiar places for about three days.

A longtime acquaintance, a reporter at the newspaper where I work, was chased away from the filming outside the Acme supermarket in one scene.


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