Wednesday, May 26, 2004

As P.J. O’Rourke once wrote
‘That’s insulting to women!’ shrieked the old bitch
Or 'just because I don't agree with somebody doesn't mean I like the other side any better'.

I thought this remark from the nun was unintentionally revealing:

Michael Sheridan, bishop of Colorado Springs, was still a teenager when the Second Vatican Council issued its long-awaited document on religious liberty. Perhaps this might excuse his unfamiliarity with the strong statements on conscience contained therein.

Despite my and this blog's difference of opinion with the bishop regarding political strategy (not regarding the objective evil of abortion on demand), what strikes me here is the nun is essentially admitting that her brand of churchy liberalism appeals only to old people like her, not to the young.

Sheridan informs us that ... [one] must agree 100% with every teaching of the Church in order to consider ourselves faithful Catholics.

Well, duh.

The only reasons this lady isn't in the Episcopal Church are she'd probably have to find a job and the Anglicans' high culture, owing much to mediæval Catholicism in England, would offend her prole/Marxist sensibilities.

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