Thursday, May 13, 2004

From blog correspondent John Boyden
Interesting quotation this week from an unlikely source
The National ‘Catholic’ Reporter:

“I will not continue to be at Georgetown if that cross is removed, I believe religion has a lot to contribute to Georgetown and to America. An attempt to remove religious values from our public discourse is dangerous.”

JB: Great to hear someone FINALLY standing up for the Catholic presence at Georgetown, right? And who is this brave soul? An elderly Jesuit? A sound professor with tenure? Read on...

"Georgetown University’s Muslim chaplain has said that if the university were to ever remove crucifixes from its classrooms, as some students and even faculty have proposed, he would resign."

JB: ...and the Jesuits are fuming, I'm sure. [End.]

As I say, other People of the Book (Orthodox Jews are another example) and even 'neo-pagans' (whose religion - natural theology - is loads more sacramental, liturgical and just plain more interesting than dish-water mainline Protestantism including what often passes as RC) often have more on the ball than many western Christians.

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