Monday, May 31, 2004

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
Cardinal Law retains his curial posts
Lest anybody get wrong ideas, this blog is not dedicated to complaining about wrongs done by people in the Roman Catholic Church, but like the Fátima story Lee wrote so well about yesterday, this is too shocking to let pass unnoticed. So I was wrong in my comments analogy recently - the ex-Cabinet minister or general wasn't demoted to head of the colour guard. He gets to keep his real jobs too! Shameful. The man should be doing prison time - covering for predatory gays and pædos made him a criminal himself. Gotta love the irony of his name too.

LP: Those of you who read the posts I sent last week about Cardinal Law might have wondered about a reference to the nine posts that he holds at the Curia in Rome. Wonder no more; according to this story from Catholic World News:


Cardinal Law remains a member of several different congregations of the Roman Curia: the Congregations for Bishops, the Clergy, Divine Worship, Evangelization, Religious, Life, the Eastern Churches, and Catholic Education; he is also a member of the Pontifical Councils for the Family and for Culture. He remains eligible to vote in a papal election.

[LP: I think that the story includes a misprint ... without the extra comma, it should read ... Evangelization, Religious Life, the Eastern Churches ... ]

Count them ... 7 congregations and 2 Pontifical Councils.

Plus an honorary post as Archpriest of one of Rome's four most important basilicas.

Not bad, considering the Cardinal's "accomplishments" in Boston.

Kyrie eleison. [End.]

That a Roman Rite cardinal archbishop is a kind of co-director of all the Eastern Catholic churches can't go by without comment either. It really does seem like religious colonialism and grossly unfair to the Byzantine and other Eastern Catholics. The Melkite Church, that of our correspondent and native Syrian Samer al-Batal, has a patriarch (currently Gregory III gloriously reigning) who I think actually should outrank all cardinali but in practice perhaps not.

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