Saturday, May 15, 2004

From CNN
Radio station fires DJs who joked about beheading
Berg's screams broadcast with laughter, music

A former friend once observed that 'Generation X' aren't very nice - here's another demonstration of that.

Poll: Support for Bush, Iraq war dropping
Kerry leads Bush in matchups

Fine. His economics are probably no good and I don't like his 'mainline Protestantism by and for non-Anglo-Saxons' quisling religion (it's 'Catholic', not Catholic, but that's beside the point) but when it comes to looks, style and far more importantly life accomplishments - getting shot at in Vietnam (an officer in fact, not only in name), then criticizing the war after he got home (who wants to be the last man to die for a mistake?) - Kerry wins hands down.

Just say five little words, Senator - I will stop the war - and you'll get my default vote.

Man who works at American near-topless bar chain has low morals
Next up: dog bites man.

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