Friday, May 21, 2004

From Forum 18
Criticism of religious laws in Greece
I think I 'get' and accept religious liberty, but these pesky liberal Norwegians want to remake the world in their image, much like the neocons want to do to Iraq. We non-practising Lutherans know what's good for you, Stavros; now eat this lutefisk.

They have a point, though. Greece is the only country in the world where Eastern Orthodoxy is the state religion. I've never been there but have heard from people who have, including acquaintance Archimandrite Serge (Keleher), that it's a typical religiously indifferent Mediterranean country where only a tiny minority actually go to church every week - rather like Norway I imagine. So while Byzantine-style symphonia between throne and altar may be an option that can work, one may ask if it really does work in this case.

In other news from that sunny land, I understand the primate of Greece, Archbishop Christodoulos, has conceded to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople in that silly power-play over a few Greek dioceses the patriarch still owns. Good. Some battles just aren't worth it.

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