Saturday, May 15, 2004

From The Guardian
This has been making the rounds of blogs and message boards:

Prince of Wales visits Mt Athos
There is a longstanding unconfirmed rumour that his father Prince Philip has reverted to Greek Orthodoxy, which would be an amazing about-face of Damascus Road proportions for a man who, partly because of the changes of church he's gone through the motions of and perhaps partly owing to arrogance, has had no use for religion.

About 10 years ago he seemed fashionably liberal on the subject, having written a foreword to a book, I think on environmentalism, by the quisling RC Fr Hans Küng.

I don't think he ever actually practised Greek Orthodoxy growing up. He didn't have to convert to marry then-Princess Elizabeth either.

Then again, his mother ended up a one-off kind of Greek Orthodox nun as the article notes and he's getting old - perhaps he realized that in the hereafter being tall, blond, athletic and born a prince (or even being made the Duke of Edinburgh) won't cut it so he bought fire insurance from his mother's church, not Rowan Williams' house of liberalism (today's special: smorgasbord of pluriform truths).

I like Prince Charles - at least indirectly he stands up for what's left of Catholic England in his stand against ugly modern architecture and I think he's the royal sponsor of the Prayer Book Society (not high-church but at least conservative). As for his love life, he was in love with one woman all along and I understand that, unlike his glamorous late wife apparently, he wasn't a serial adulterer. Regrettably he got the Hanoverian looks, a handicap if you're not a prince and/or rich - lucky Prince William got his mother's looks instead - but seems to have got the Mountbatten intelligence.

One of Charles's aunts, the Grand Duchess Eugenia, was proclaimed an Orthodox saint after she was murdered in Moscow where she had established a monastery.

I wonder if the archbishop means his great-aunt St Elizabeth Feodorovna, Empress Alexandra's sister.

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