Thursday, May 27, 2004

Having their say
Vernon Staley in The Catholic Religion wrote two memorable lines, 'We do sums with our heads but know God with our hearts' and 'Heresy is the intellectual vengeance of a suppressed truth'. What I'm getting at here with the latter is even people one disagrees with can have something good to say, so on that note, from Juvenaly Martinka's well-designed Orthodoxy Now site, here is:

A nice page on the Old Church Slavonic language
Which became the liturgical language of the Russian and other Slavic Orthodox churches, their small Byzantine Catholic opposite number and even a few Roman Catholic parishes in Dalmatia, ex-Yugoslavia. These last are where I think Janaček got the idea for his Glagolitic Mass. They used the beautiful original script (page) SS. Cyril and Methodius came up with and not the later 'Cyrillic' alphabet of the Russians - it's what Russian looks like to people who don't know Russian.

The Cyrillic alphabet shown on this page includes letters even the Russian church books (which still use this beautiful, calligraphic-looking mediæval script) don't use anymore!

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