Friday, May 21, 2004

LRC pick
Rush Limbaugh and Lynndie England, the odd couple
Gary North on the death of Republican politics
As I like to say of this blog, think Russell Kirk, not Rush Limbaugh

Rev. Talleyrand, the most famous survivor of the French Revolution

Lesson in Catholic theology here re: the apostolic ministry. If Peter baptizes, Christ baptizes; if Judas baptizes, Christ baptizes. Or ordains. Talleyrand, a bishop, was a stone atheist much of his life yet the Catholic bishops of France today get their apostolic succession through his 'line'! (And yesterday, I imagine, Marcel Lefebvre of blessed memory.) He was rightfully in office using the church's prescribed ritual to do what the church, not Talleyrand, intended.

He (Limbaugh) is a master of ridicule.

A two-edged sword that, something that easily can become sinful. There's a lesson here.

At this point, Bush is protected by the perception that he is not too bright, which is not the case. He got through Yale University and Harvard Business School. His problem is not a low IQ. He, like Clinton, can remember everyone's name. He is no dummy.

Interesting point and something I'm willing to consider and concede - from the account I read, I think in Newsweek, of his time at Yale, it seems he's one of those guys who's not book-smart (or pretends he's not to get some advantage, maybe a reverse-snobbery thing, like his accent exaggerated when he says things like 'nucular' for nuclear) but socially savvy when he wants to be, glad-handing, remembering everybody's name and being elected president of his fraternity.

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