Monday, May 31, 2004

LRC/Spectator pick
Against the anti-spanking people
Evangelical Protestantism isn't my favourite belief system in the world and I've seen some truly frightening, sadistic, sick stuff written by them pro-corporal punishment, plus as somebody growing up with undiagnosed, untreated Asperger syndrome (my parents 'didn't want the stigma', you see - that's a quote verbatim) I had the abusive kind applied to me many, many times, but abusus non tollit usum. What finally turned me around and anti- the antis was the Christian practice of my good friend Jeff Culbreath in California. He's my age and the father of several young children. While staying with him I got to see the legit use of such discipline (well, in the next room, because doing so in front of me would have been cruel, and that's not what this form of discipline is about). He applies the principles of Dr James Dobson, a psychologist, evangelical Protestant and gentleman a world removed from the sick stuff I've read and experienced. It has its place - rather brief in childhood and, ideally, quite rare. If I ever am a father or stepfather of young children, Dobsonian principles are what I'll use.

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