Monday, May 17, 2004

More Russian church news from Interfax
Main obstacles to church rapprochement are gone - Patriarch Alexis II
Between the Church of Russia and the American-based Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

In Russian (translations by me)
Патриарх Алексий: мы должны приложить все силы для великого святого дела объединения двух частей Русской Церкви
Patriarch Alexis II: We must make use of all powers for the great holy work of the reunion of the two parts of the Russian Church.

Митрополит Лавр: обе части Русской Церкви готовы к честному и созидательному диалогу
Metropolitan Laurus: Both parts of the Russian Church are ready for this honourable and creative dialogue.

Only had to look up one word for each!

Wonderful news too.

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