Saturday, May 15, 2004

On the box
‘Frasier’’s last hurrah
Not the best show ever but it went out on top - the surprise happy ending wasn't overplayed and was done with much class. Props to Kelsey Grammer and the writers - Frasier's mid-Atlantic accent and erudition may have been intended as the butt of jokes but the character lasted much longer and both he and the actor ended up far better off than anybody else on the overrated 'Cheers'. He did the voice (a very pleasant one) so well it's surprising to find out it isn't his real one!

The actors playing Daphne's brothers all did different accents - none matched Jane Leeves' fake Mancunian one. (She's English but not from Manchester.) One wonders what John Mahoney, who actually is from Manchester, thought of all that.

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