Saturday, May 29, 2004

A potpourri from LRC
Let's hope it doesn't have the Protestant Truth Society trying to hack this blog to shut it down, crying 'No potpourri!'

Tying into this lively discussion about the American government schools* are these items:

High standards
by Charley Reese
This is good. I've seen similar tests from the period (late 1800s-early 1900s) and know I haven't got the knowledge (different from intelligence) to pass them!

Southern Baptists consider ditching government schools
by Steven Yates

From blog favourite Gary North, an echo of history:

Back in 1976, I was Congressman Ron Paul’s research assistant. I had contacts with other Congressional staffers on Capitol Hill. One evening, I attended an informal get-together in the Georgetown area. The host was a retired diplomat whose daughter worked in Senator Jesse Helms’ office. I had been invited by Howard Segermark, also a Helms staffer.

One moment in the evening’s chit-chat has stuck in my mind ever since. In discussing free trade, one man, whom I had never met before, expressed his view of free trade. "Free trade is when you stick a .45 automatic to the temple of some Asian and tell him, ‘Gook, we’re going to trade . . . on my terms.’"

I understand that's how the US opened trade with Japan in the mid-1800s. The guy with the gun was Commodore Matthew Perry (not the guy from 'Friends', BTW, in case Jay Leno ever asks you).

From John Pilger:

On 4 July 2002, American Independence Day, the Mirror published a report of mine, displayed on the front page under the headline "Mourn on the Fourth of July" and showing Bush flanked by the Stars and Stripes. Above him were the words: "George W Bush’s policy of bomb first and find out later has killed double the number of civilians who died on 11 September. The USA is now the world’s leading rogue state."

Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.

From The Spectator:

Applying US policy in Iraq to Britain
The analogy works

‘...We still have Charles Moore at the Telegraph, though. His column is pro the war.’

‘But that’s not true of Moore’s rival religious leaders. For example, Ayatollah Williams is preaching against the war.’

‘My own view is that we should have arrested Williams some time ago. I don’t see why the Church of England Triangle, around Canterbury, should be a no-go area for Coalition forces. Martyrdom is what Williams wants. Let’s give it to him. It’s time to kick some cassock. This is a society which respects only force.’

*Side note: England's 'public schools' really were that to begin with, in mediæval times - a charity for the public, poor boys to be exact, because they were Catholic. Eton's original full name is the King’s College of Our Lady of Eton beside Windsor.

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