Monday, May 31, 2004

Some good news about RCs from Yahoo!
‘Gay’ protesters denied Communion
They were given individual blessings at Communion time instead. Francis Cardinal George of Chicago wisely followed the lead of Dr George Pell in Australia and simultaneously defended the Blessed Sacrament ('guarding the chalice' as the Orthodox say - I think at ordination an Orthodox priest specifically promises to do that), was charitable and denied the protesters the big ugly scene they so wanted in an attempt to make Catholics look bad, uncharitable, etc. (What a bunch of drama queens, LOL.) Three points to His Eminence. And once again, to quote a homosexual but Catholic friend years ago, no normal, dignified adult would wear a rainbow-coloured sash to tell strangers how he likes to reach orgasm.

Some bishops have threatened to deny the sacrament to John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, because of his stand on abortion rights.

An issue completely separate from voting for him if he makes promises for peace. (He voted for the Iraq war so voting Libertarian or staying home seem like good options right now.) And the bishops would be right.

Los Angeles' Cardinal Roger Mahony had met with sash members and pledged to offer them Communion.

Why on earth is he a cardinal?

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