Thursday, June 24, 2004

Happy St Jean-Baptiste Day, Québec.

LRC picks
Saddam is innocent
Of any wrongdoing against the American and British peoples. Let him go!

Dr Steve’s guide to healthy living
Food can and should be a source of delight. As for 'nutrition', this is all balls.

- Evelyn Waugh, predicting the Catholic answer to today's fad diets

More from the quotable Mr W, via an article by (Ukrainian Catholic subdeacon) Adam DeVille in Latin Mass:

On the relentless marketing of sex as a need (benefiting only the 'makeover' cosmetic surgeons, contraceptive-makers, abortionists and loutish men):

Responsible people - doctors, psychologists, novelists - write in the papers and say, 'You cannot be happy unless your sex life is happy'. This seems to me just about as sensible as saying, 'You cannot lead a happy life unless your golf life is happy'.

More on the subject from James Bemis in the same magazine:

Legalized abortion benefits no-one but feckless men.

A punto. It's (to quote Bud Macfarlane's good-hearted but slightly protty novels) 'pig heaven for men' being marketed as 'empowerment' for women.

More evidence: the secular world is not cool
The most disturbing thing other than uncharity and bad manners about a recent attack on me on the Ship of Fools board is that the two people doing it have the notion that 'a man's home is his castle' is something only believed in by 'losers' who wear historical costumes playing knights and Robin Hood at fairs (according to them, apparently a life-form only one rung above 'Star Trek' conventioneers in uncoolness). Scarier still: the people who make such claims probably vote.

Thanks again for the assist
To 'Archangel', a former friend (and occasional contributor to the blog today) who was a formative influence on my worldview, for a defence of my person he posted in the comments box, now altered, of a now-gone blog run by these loons:

As somebody who was acquainted with the owner of A conservative blog for peace for some time I am appalled not only by the hubris... but also by the complete ignorance of his character and beliefs... [he] is neither an unreconstructed liberal nor, least of all, a homosexual. I never cease to be amazed by the lack of charity shown by self-styled Orthodox experts online who treat all those who don't bow to Mount Athos or Moscow* as 'the great unwashed'. Absolutely appalling.

A friend recently told his therapist about these people and, AFAIK never having seen my site, the words out of the therapist's mouth were, 'So they're about to drink the Kool-Aid'.

More thanks
I agree with your blog 90% of the time and the other 10% makes me think.

- John Treat, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and contributor of peace stories

*Or Suzdal', or Buena Vista.

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