Wednesday, June 16, 2004

From blog correspondent John Boyden and visitor Mike Russell
Term of endearment
Apparently the latest thing among feminists is to do what American blacks have with nigger and gays with queer: 'empower' oneself by reclaiming a slur as one's own.

But, the spokesperson said, because Hoffman is a medieval scholar, she is aware of the long history of the word. She said it was not always a negative term.

JB: Medieval...? Gee, must have missed those manuscripts!

MR: FYI, they've actually had something called the "C**t Fest" here at Penn State for the last several years, so it's about time the University of Colorado's Dr. Hoffman finally got with the program. [MR also wrote all of the following.]

I actually saw an older woman (kind of an androgynous, IHM nun-ish, Call to Action type*) in a local restaurant wearing a button that said: "I've Reclaimed C**t." [sic] ...Perhaps the poor dear had put hers up at the pawn shop, or something.

So that you'll have the latest update to your political correctness software, you need to install the patch that says: Pornographic barbarisms for the female genitalia are NOT sexist or harrassive when 1.) used by lesbians or selected other protected classes and/or 2.) used in the context of agitprop feminist plays, neo-pagan liturgical workshops... (or, apparently, by male college athletes whose presence on your campus generates large sums of revenue from corporate licensing, advertising and alumni contributions.)

However, to make the observation that a female kicker shouldn't even be on the same football team (much less sharing the same locker room, presumably) with a bunch of aggressive young guys... would, of course, be sexist... Possibly even medieval. [End.]

*Strongly implied here is old. The young don't buy this quisling religion - they're either honestly secular (the majority) or conservative.

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