Sunday, June 27, 2004

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St Cyril of Alexandria (more)
An Eastern church father claimed by the Church of Egypt (Copts) as he was patriarch of Alexandria (the first patriarchs to use the title 'Pope' - and they still do). Not the nicest fellow perhaps but a keen theologian. His wording regarding the natures of Christ in a way makes him a founding father of all the Oriental Orthodox churches, not to be confused with the Eastern Orthodox, though the two groups seem to be reconciling. That schism happened because the Egyptians (the Copts are the ancient Egyptians - they're still around!) didn't like the Greeks and their empire. Now many/most say that theologically it was all a big misunderstanding. St C is also the RC patron of the town where I live.

Taylor Marshall on St Cyril

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
One of my favourite icons - she looks Russian, especially with the angel holding the three-bar cross, even though she's really Greek (this one's from Crete)

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