Friday, June 25, 2004

From David’s Daily Diversions
Teenage virgins? Never heard of ’em, mate. What’s the punch-line?
I think the Americans are going to be shocked at just how depraved this country is.

David Holford is writing about this:

US chastity crusade gets cold response in secular Britain
Another 'O tempora!' story. Of course they're meant to shock but it is really horrendous even if it's only 2/3 true.

This, from the comments box, puts things into historical perspective: Hmmm, doesn't sound quite as bad (yet!) as England of the 1720s, prior to Wesley, but it's getting close.

One 15-year-old boy called Owen unwittingly summed up the situation when he asked: “What’s celibate?”

Not being married. Of course what these Protestants are promoting is chastity. I dare say that like their 19th-century ancestors they'd be horrified by celibate vocations ('A convent?! Woman, get a husband!) almost as much as some of them were by sex, right or wrong.

(Actually the charismatic 'covenant-community' cult I rented from for nine years had pseudo-celibate vocations but these didn't last very long. The leaders soon paired just about everybody off before the thing fell apart.)

As my late friend Alison Engler once put it, Catholic societies have room for all kinds of people, marriageable or not (be they 'made eunuchs' involuntarily because of looks or handicaps or 'eunuchs for the kingdom', having a calling to monastic life). There really are no 'misfits' in God's plan. (Witness the wonderful holy eccentrics of 19th-century Russia, for example - such as the wandering странники of The Way of a Pilgrim - or the 'holy fools' of earlier centuries.) Protestants don't. After a certain age, if you're not married you're a nonperson.

(And as the novelist David Lodge pointed out, the false gospel of sexual bliss as a cure-all frankly leaves out most of humanity. As nasty as Calvinism's double predestination really in its snobbery.)

Tertiaries are another good example of an 'odd' vocation that has a place in a healthy society. St Catherine of Siena, for example, never lived in a Dominican convent but rather in her parents' house. Somebody who'd probably be written off by Protestants or their direct descendents, the modern-minded. But she did great things for God.

Of course despite all the potential embarrassing naffness of evangelicals (think Ned Flanders - 'Revd Lovejoy, I think I'm coveting my own wife!') at heart this campaign isn't anti-sex but pro-common sense. The secular approach to all this is a massive dodge of reality and it's a matter of showing that to the average person.

Anti-spyware bill advances in US Congress
IMO no prob from this libertarian's POV. Many of these scum are criminals and all of them have no more right to hijack my computer than to invade my home.

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