Wednesday, June 16, 2004

From Joseph Sobran via LRC
The greatest generation?
I love that generation too but here's what's really behind Tom Brokaw's sentimentality:

What is really being glorified is not the veteran, but the war itself.

The exact opposite position of this blog.

Those who call World War II “the good war” love to recall the alliance between Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Actually, the two men disliked each other. Roosevelt despised the British Empire; he saw the Soviet Union as America’s postwar partner in ruling the world, and he much preferred Joseph Stalin to Churchill. At the Tehran and Yalta conferences, he enjoyed amusing Stalin by slighting Churchill. For the wary Stalin, Roosevelt was a pleasant surprise, easy to manipulate.

I never knew. Thanks. That explains a lot. FDR: the man who not only suckered America into having many of its young men killed -

It was a war most Americans at the time wanted to stay out of, and rightly so; but Franklin Roosevelt did all he could to involve us anyway, provoking the Germans and Japanese at every opportunity.

- but betrayed half of Catholic Europe too. Quite a guy.

The more I learn, the more I sympathize with the Ukrainians, two of whom I've met and one of whose funerals I helped sing, who put on Wehrmacht grey, picked up guns and defended their home against those bastards.

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