Thursday, June 17, 2004

From Mere Comments, Touchstone’s most excellent blog, via friend Joseph Oliveri
Republican National Congressional Committee fund-raising
by David Mills on Recognition at Last by William Luse
'You wanna be where everybody knows your name...', la, la, la... everybody except a-hole pols who don't really know you from Adam.

Another TV reference: 'Why, yes, it's about time! The Speaker of the House duly recognizes me, Peggy Hill, with the Order of Merit! Hank, let's break into the savings and send them a huge cheque!'

The most amusing letters come with claims that the Republican Party is standing for family values, American values, etc., which judging from their example quite obviously does not include telling the truth and quite obviously does include deceit and deception.

But it’s only fund-raising, some of you might say. Please don't. Lying is lying. Lying is a sin for which a man can go to Hell.

And the RNCC's is a particularly despicable kind of lying because it plays on the naïve and gullible to get money from them they otherwise wouldn’t give, and perhaps can't afford to give. It’s a lot like plain old fraud, even if it stays within the bounds of the law.

JO: "Lying little slimeballs" -- how true! Junk mail is bad enough; but
whenever you receive an unsolicited letter from the office of a senator or
congressperson, pretending to know who you are, with computer-generated
"handwritten" gloss on the laughably form-letter text, I consider that SPAM.
It's garbage. It would be an insult to a ten-year-old's intelligence. And
the purveyors should be fined.

Although I suppose if we did try to fine people for sending out such
mailers, then we'd start seeing letters from "Senator Driftwood Q.
Mistakenly," "Nikita O'Flannigan," and "Xhsyrt.phtrasdrf!dkia" in our
mailboxes... [End.]

I don't think I'll be getting scams like this from the Libertarian Party but you never know.

I also hate the ones disguised as official government notices - yellow envelopes and suchlike. I'm good at sussing them now.

On absolutions that ‘work’
The Godfather movie S.M. Hutchens refers to, which I haven't seen, may reflect what many badly or never catechized RCs think, especially in the wake of the gay-priest scandal for those who haven't got short attention spans as they've been conditioned to by the media (like everybody else), but this - the idea that the priest has to be 'good enough' for 'his' sacraments to do the trick - is part of the Donatist heresy, not the Catholic faith, and thus certainly not what the Roman Catholic Church teaches! They're the church's sacraments, not the priest's, and his worthiness or lack thereof has nothing to do with their grace. Otherwise the church would have gone extinct a long time ago!


Evangelicals against artificial contraception
As all Christians were until the Church of England changed its mind in 1930 - it's not an RCs-only thing at all

The International Churches of Christ
¡Ay, Dios mio! Were they annoying in their day! I think they're on the wane now that their founding ex-minister guru has quit. They were very, very good at chatting you up - seemed quite normal except unusually friendly (especially by southern English standards, I reckon), then they'd pitch you with the church thing towards the end of many minutes of conversation.

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