Tuesday, June 29, 2004

From Virtuosity
A punto

David V. seems preoccupied with homosexuality; we at the blog are with the magisterium on the matter but also try to be sophisticated and European about it - it's been around since the fall of mankind - so we're not obsessed with it. That said, the Rt Revd Ray Sutton (of the Reformed Episcopal Church) hits the nail on the head re: the church (unusual for somebody whose church historically was Calvinist):

God took a bride, the church. The groom did not take unto Himself
another groom, which is the image portrayed by homosexual union. It is
the inversion of the family of God and therefore Satanic... I agree with the Primate of Nigeria
[Archbishop Peter Akinola]. It IS Satanic.

From Bishop Keith Newton of Richborough, England:

We are called to be faithful not publicly credible.
Jesus wasn't publicly credible, He died before a jeering crowd. The
Early Church was not publicly credible. The Confessing Church was not
publicly credible, and the church today should not be publicly credible.
If the Church organizes itself without God why on earth should it be
publicly credible?

From David Virtue:

An interesting note on language. Many now sense that the term
Anglo-Catholic might not be useful to describe ECUSA's orthodox
faithful. Increasingly the term Evangelical Catholic seems to be
catching the imagination. The word 'Evangelical" recognizes the church's
gospel mission, the word 'catholic' establishes its historical lineage.

Well meant, perhaps, but sorry, no; it just sounds like reinventing the Protestant Elizabethan settlement. Why perseverate (to use a psych term) with this? It didn't work the first time!

Two bishops exchange words
Edwin Barnes was the principal of St Stephen's House, Oxford, when I was there - a decent human being and it turns out quite sound, although I didn't and don't like his modern liturgics including at Staggers. He was keen on putting nave altars in churches when he was active as a bishop.

A new Anglican Communion?
I've talked about this with some people and have heard it talked about for at least six years - the (ex-British) Empire strikes back! A communion that bypasses the Church of England, perhaps with Lagos as its primatial see. Fine with me.

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