Wednesday, June 23, 2004

LRC pick
Back in the USSR
Ashcroft wants defense attorneys to be adjuncts of the prosecution. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
Or, again, the neocons, often Marxists to begin with, 'beat' Communists by becoming just like them.

As my Russian friends say, at least in the Soviet Union people knew they weren't free.

Fun with spam
Sheeee wiiiiill saaaaay it's toooo biiiiiiig
So if I buy your product and actually get it delivered to me the result would be I physically couldn't have sex? Sounds like a lot of money to waste on a wank (which after all can be got for free). But I'm sure there are eejits who buy.

ECUSA’s new site
I think it kicks - nice use of Flash.

About the icon - very lovely of course, but one can see how its use here might offend people in the Orthodox tradition, seeing that at least in practice the Episcopal Church often denies the theology (not opinions, but objective truth - the Orthodox are clear on that!) represented in most of this icon's symbols! The Catholic faith reduced to a dish in Frank Griswold's smorgasbord of relativism.

One can imagine the 'dialogue':

The Revd Tyler Higginbotham, A.B., M.A., M.Div., D.Phil., S.O.B. (and his 'partner', Chad): Hey, look at us! We're just like you!

His Grace Bishop + Methodius, lifelong Russian Orthodox: NO, YOU'RE NOT!

From Charles Glenn Wingate
Episcopal parody song
I'm an odd duck in a lot of ways, one of which is being a narrowly focused anglophile and so am not mad about Gilbert and Sullivan despite having been in two amateur productions (chorus parts in Trial by Jury and Iolanthe). But in the words of our father among the saints Homer of Springfield, 'it's so funny because it's true'!

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