Friday, June 25, 2004

Obscure church apparently now gone
The Catholic Apostolic Church (more)
A.k.a. Irvingites, who traced their origin to a Scots Presbyterian minister called Irving, back in the 1800s. Contemporary with Anglo-Catholicism it had a lot in common with it æsthetically and in aspects of its theology (perhaps a similar romantic reaction against the 'Enlightenment' and Industrial Revolution?), but it wasn't connected to the historic Catholic church. More home-grown like Mormonism or Seventh-Day Adventism... or the Shakers. Like the Priestless Old Believers in Russia and elsewhere, their clergy (including most importantly this church's self-ordained bishops) all died off but unlike the Priestless they didn't carry on. They built some wonderful churches, though (more) - perfectly adaptable for Catholic worship.

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