Monday, June 28, 2004

Official Tridentine Mass returns to Phoenix, Arizona
Rising from the ashes of boneheaded 'renewal' nonsense
How much do you want to bet the good ordinary of Phoenix is trying to run a successful Society of St Pius X chapel out of business and doesn't really like the old Mass (the Roman Mass)? (News as shocking as that about Cialis reported below.)

Vatican II had affected the attendees. I didn't see anyone saying their Rosary. All tried to follow along and many treated it like the transition "dialogue" Mass and said the responses. The priest seemed to encourage this. This is a good thing.

Yes, it is. Probably what the bishops at the council intended and what should have been: if the 1965 Missal, as issued in 1965, were kept.

One lady at a church where we ministered music at an earlier Mass...

Danger signal: when everybody at church says he is a bloody 'minister' of something.

...showed me she had her hat on. "I'm planning to attend the Tridentine Mass!" she told me, and then added "they should have never taken that Mass away from us!"


Reactions from priests and liturgists not involved with the Latin Mass, were generally not positive. One priest told me he felt it was making a concession to those who had become schismatic (I told him that when the news media asked a traditionalist parish about that, they assured them they didn't plan to come back to the Roman church [sic]).

That bet is won.

Another priest said angrily "I will NEVER have a Latin Mass in THIS parish!" (it's up to the priests whether they wish to host a Latin Mass or not).

Takes me back 18 years to an RC priest screaming in my face similar boneheaded things. Glad I didn't listen to him and 'be open to the spirit' of 1986! (Didn't waste money on a Members Only jacket for starters, let alone buy into crap liturgy.)

A liturgist asked "Do you want to take the church backward 1000 years?"

Note to Eastern Orthodox reading this blog: this shows that underneath the patronizing 'ecumenical' rhetoric (and co-opting things like icons to do New Age stuff), mainstream RCs really think you're a bunch of retards.

Granted, the Orthodox have their shortcomings too, but deep down such moderns hate them for the same reasons they hate RC traditionalists: 'drop that ethnic old-fashioned stuff and buy our agenda'.

My husband thought to himself that the Post Vatican II Mass had taken the church back 1850 years since it's the Mass of St Justin the Martyr.

Such attempts to play early church are proveably rank bullsh*t. Ask your husband if he'd like to bring back the public confessions and years-long penances of the early church. Didn't think so. So cut it out.

And the reason I still don't buy the modern stuff (though how modern something is from the late 1960s and only believed in by the Geritol set is really debateable) despite exposure, pressure and attempted coercion over the years:

Where I got started
... in the Catholic faith (I was baptized into Holy Church at another Anglican church over 37 years ago): St Peter's Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Missouri, which 25 years ago was a Prayer Book conservative parish - not high (Morning Prayer was the main Sunday service a lot) but no ladies in the sanctuary, Communion with the priest facing the altar and using a rail, and using the 1928 American Book of Common Prayer (a lot like the Church of England's 1662 book) and the 1940 Hymnal, including Healey Willan's Missa de Sancta Maria Magdalena for Communion. And crypto-Anglo-Catholic Sunday School teachers who pointed me in the right direction. A quarter-century later, thank you.

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