Friday, June 18, 2004

On the box
My all-time favourite episode of ‘Friends’
'The One the Morning After', where Ross and Rachel break up (not getting back together until the finale). The first one I ever sat down to watch - so good I've been watching ever since, catching up thanks to the repeats in syndication. Realized that for all the show's problems - let's just say it wasn't for kids - it had a heart. And as for this episode, like or hate the show, or Ross and Rachel, or the actors who played them, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston can act.

‘The WB’s Superstar USA’
Well, they chose the tall cute (not particularly pretty but sexy) blonde with the nice Bristols to publicly humiliate and she took it remarkably well. No public breakdown like my nastier contemporaries admitted they wanted to see. Actually the show pulled the punch (barely dodging the Carrie ending they otherwise would have richly deserved) by giving all three finallists thousands of dollars each. And to give poor Mario credit, he could be presentable with the right hair and a glasses upgrade or contacts, which of course the show didn't do in its elaborate set-up to make fun of him.

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