Friday, June 25, 2004

Michigan legislature OKs partial-birth abortion ban

Fr Seraphim von Abele on Mary Immaculate (Пренепорочная), Part II

He’s right on this one
Of course we don't see Mr B as a knight in shining armour defending Christendom (or Mom, apple pie and Norman Rockwell's America for that matter - how many Iraqis have died recently in the run-up to pseudo-independence?) like the still somewhat Protestant Mr Ray does, but we give credit where it's due. He and Mr Ashcroft may have done what they did for different, Protestant religious-right reasons, but perhaps by accident they're right here. It's not the government's job to push that. (Just like, for religious-liberty reasons, in the American system it isn't the government's place to hold, for example, a Corpus Christi procession, as good as that is.) If some government workers want to make fools of themselves on their own time (and spending their own money) waving colourful flags to tell complete strangers what gets them off I reckon that's their right.

The blog doesn't condone homosexuality but we don't fear homosexuals either - first and foremost they're people. Anybody who defines himself primarily by his orientation seems a bit pathetic. (There is no such thing as the gay community - a happy-clappy, rainbow flag–waving happy family. They're just people.) The homosexuals I know agree.

Many thanks
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