Thursday, June 24, 2004

This sounds like something from The Onion - which is excellent this week BTW - but isn't:

New slang-English Bible edits out and rewrites tough stuff about sex
Approved by + Rowan Cantuar

Takes up Charles Bennison's perversion of the Catholic position on scripture as the church's compilation - allegedly he said to many at the Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli, 'and the church can change scripture' - and acts on it.

I'll concede there's a place in evangelism for reaching out to the unschooled with dumbed-down paraphrases, as long as they still tell the truth. (But by all means educate them as well as save them!) But the other aspect is outrageous.

Maybe next the editors and even clergy will claim that the famous Adulterous Bible misprint centuries ago (typo in the Sixth Commandment!) was really the inspiration of the Holy Ghost!

As the real Bible says, there are lots of people with itching ears - not to mention other body parts - who will buy this, but I think intelligent unchurched or lapsed people will see this as the lying and pandering it is and reject it, either converting to the real thing or sinning honestly. (Much like I understand teens see the new, like, wow, teen Bibles as the condescension they are.)

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