Thursday, July 15, 2004

From blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin
A fun activity
Read and write Amazon reviews for My Pet Goat, made famous by George W. Bush and Michael Moore

DM: This is your chance to WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW before Amazon yanks the entire thread! Enjoy.

heh, that's sum funy stuff ( ** sniff **), July 15, 2004
Reviewer: cokehead mcbusherson from vacationing in crawford
I remember growin' up and havin books like this read to me. even in high school, prep school, collage ( thanks dad and granpop! ) and when i got my MBA ( my mom calls it my "Major Bull$hit Award ), people read to me. I admit, I was a bit nervous reading in front of all those students, because most of the time, Uncle Dick and Ultimate Warrior Rummy ( that's what he likes to be called ) tell me what to say in that little thing they put in my ear. But, ( and it's a really big but, heh, heh ) Christian Soldier and fellow Promisemaker Johnny Ashcroft needed to borrow it to tell Ari ( i still don't know why that fella doesn't have a girlfriend )what to say at his press confrance!! Boy, was I mad!! Grrr!!! Uncle Dick said to just pretend that I was at an intellah...intelloh...CIA briefing, and I should put on my "smart face". If Laura didn't give me my "medicine", that morning, I don't think I could've satted there for that long. Just when I was about to open the floor up for questions ( Uncle Dick usually doesn't let me do this, but today he said it was OK )someone whispered in my ear about planes or something. That's when I started to remember flying those planes when i was in the Air national Guard for two months ( thanks dad! ). Then I found the book "My Get Poat", and let me tell ya, it was just like the lives of the American people. There was struggle, hardships, struggle, and adversity, and struggle. At lease that's what I got from the pictures.

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