Thursday, July 15, 2004

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
War dossier left out warnings on flawed intelligence, says Butler
S al-B: All in a day’s work for our friendly neighbourhood Bliar.
Manila ‘has given in to terrorism’
S al-B: Whilst many, including us of the blog, are thankful that Angelo de la Cruz may now have a stronger chance of surviving his ordeal and escaping with his life, US and other government officials can only express dismay at this little setback to their fun game of Risk, as another insignificantly small (boasting of 51 personnel) element of the 'coalition of the willing' decides that the life of one of its citizens — or perhaps public pressure back home — deserves a little more attention than participation in one of the global safari hunts that señores Bush and Blair find so exhilarating.
Hawking rethink ‘solves riddle of the black holes’ 
S al-B: Interesting.  Regurgitating black holes.  
So much for thinking we could hope for the day science would enable us to make use of electronic, spam-swallowing black holes.  A profit opportunity wasted. [End.]

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