Saturday, July 17, 2004

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Oh, joy - another redundant Eastern Orthodox jurisdiction in America in the works
Don't get me wrong. These Arabic Orthodox are wonderful people - Samer's own ethnos from Syria - but as I explain here, the proper Orthodox MO really should be restored in America now that the Soviet Union is long gone. As a Russian-American choirmaster said to me - and he was from the independent Orthodox Church in America - the lot of them, Greeks, Slavs and Arabs (small ethnic chaplaincies really), should just go under the patriarch of Moscow again until the mess is properly sorted out. (I'm not saying that because I happen to like Russians. They were the first EOx in America so they have 'dibs'.) Of course that won't happen because the Greeks (in a tiny pond - EOx are something like 1% of Americans - the largely religiously indifferent Greeks are the most numerous) and the Arabs' patriarchs are in dying sees surrounded by hostile Muslims and so depend on American money to keep going. Understandable but the effect in America undermines sound Catholic ecclesiology: church as nationalist fiefdom and an alphabet soup of jurisdictions.

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