Monday, July 19, 2004

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Revive the Angelus
In the Roman Rite. Wonderful idea! I like the parallel to 'Allaaaaahu akbaaaaar!' coming from the Muslims' minarets several times a day. It's also a good parallel to the divine office - a good substitute for those of us who aren't obligated to do the latter and can't during the day. I use it in this form just about every day, especially at midday.

Locally the only people who ring it are Anglo-Catholics, which isn't that surprising. Which, though it isn't surprising either, makes it sadder for me to hear, as I did this weekend from a curate from southern England, that the C of E's few remaining English Missal parishes are getting the squeeze put on them to drop it and comform to the newest modern substitute for the Book of Common Prayer, Common Worship ('Comic Worship', 'Vulgar Worship') - the latest Protestant mishmash destined to be dropped and forgotten in 15-20 years. (AFAIK there is no 'ASB Society' in England.)

What’s wrong with Byzantine Catholic practice in a nutshell
A good friend, an Anglican who uses the traditional Roman Rite including the English Missal, summed it up perfectly last night: except for a few high-church strongholds, often manned by converts (like this one, where our own Dave McLaughlin worships), the rank and file may use different and better words and a physical setting that's still tolerable but their approach is exactly like the Novus Ordo (which may be why got so defensive and hateful when I dared criticize the NO on their board) - liberal, revisionist, minimalist.

Many thanks to blog correspondent Samer al-Batal for the sound sample.

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