Tuesday, July 27, 2004

From Ecclesia et mundus (now merged with Katolik Shinja)
Former Lutheran minister Jennifer Ferrara defends the Catholic view of the sexes and the apostolic ministry
Thanks to Pope John Paul II's theology of the body

According to John Paul, men and women were not created essentially the same. Masculinity and femininity are not just attributes; rather, the function of sex is a constituent part of the person. Men and woman both express the human but do so in different and complementary ways. Believe it or not, this was a radically new idea to me.

Which is why the constant substitution in speech and writing of 'gender' (an artificial grammatical construct) for 'sex' (not just intercourse but something innate and immutable, masculinity and femininity) is pernicious. Those behind this change don't do it just because the meaning of 'sex' in English has narrowed and makes people giggle and blush.

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