Sunday, July 18, 2004

From Katolik Shinja (an American in Korea)
Why is it that a certain end of the political spectrum only tolerates public religious discourse among black folks?
A punto.

Condescending revisionist crap from modern RCs
And these are so-called 'conservatives'

The Second Vatican Council was a call to full spiritual maturity. It was time to take off the training wheels — to stop living “in the shadow of the Law” — and take our vocations as Christians seriously.

What hubris. So the fathers and other saints of the Church Catholic, East and West, from St Basil the Great* whose prayers I read nearly every day to SS. Thomas Aquinas, Vincent de Paul and Alphonsus Liguori were 'immature' to you and 'didn't take their vocations as Christians seriously'? Why, because they didn't have dopey Dan Schutte** songs to listen to?

The restoration is under way but once the old liberals are gone this rubbish has to be got rid of. These people really are Protestants in their approach.

I'm not of the 'the homos are out to get you' persuasion (the people Mr Bush is out to scare votes from) but this article has a point:

Poaching off heterosexual society
If any human group ever adopted homosexuality as the chief principal [sic] around which to organize society, it died out. No such society can long exist, except in the imagination of homosexual activists, since it would fail to provide for the future in the most fundamental way: by reproducing itself. Homosexual subcultures are therefore necessarily predatory, perpetuating themselves by poaching off the larger heterosexual society.

I don't think smart homosexuals pretend they're the norm because they realize this.

There is no such thing as the gay community. Maybe they're just people.

Then there's the other aspect of dodging reality about sex - through science, trying to have babies without sex.

*This example is the prayer from the end of the hour of Sext (don't forget to type that 't'!) in the Byzantine Rite.

**The homosexuals I'm friends with want nothing to do with this music.

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