Friday, July 23, 2004

From Mike Russell
Neocon Krauthammer: ‘Strike before Iran’s nukes get hot’
MR: This latest nugget of neocon lunacy comes to us from former Walter Mondale confidant turned Fox News warhawk Charles Krauthammer.

Dr. Krauthammer (a physician and psychiatrist turned self-professed political pundit and sofa Samurai), you may remember, is one of the folks who warned us ominously that showing The Passion of The Christ would cause spontaneous, anti-semitic uprisings in cities across America, in which thousands of innocent Jewish citizens would potentially be killed or injured. So, we should obviously listen closely to what this prophetic and insightful gent has to say.

Sorry Charlie, the body count from Gibson's Passion is still holding steady at zero. Of course, if people like him get their way, (Krauthammer urges the U.S. to now pre-emptively attack and invade Iran, since, well, they MAY develop nukes at some point and, besides, we're in the neighborhood)... there will be many thousands more dead Americans on foreign battlefields and in our own streets.

Let us pray that the Bush administration will finally stop listening to people like Krauthammer, who -- like almost every other ex-leftist turned neoconservative war zealot -- have never worn a uniform or experienced the horrors of combat first hand, and finally start listening to those who have. [End.]

Better still, get rid of the Bush administration.

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